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Join us at the Symposium to explore questions on which the future of your business may depend, such as:

  • Will “disruptive technologies” lead the economic recovery?
  • Are emerging markets leading the world out of recession? What strategies can investors, blue-chip companies, and entrepreneurs adopt when sourcing from, and selling to, emerging markets?
  • What are the latest trends in nanotechnology, materials science, and cloud computing?
  • What is the role of the oil industry in commercializing new technology?
  • Are we over-regulating the financial sector? How do new financial regulations affect the entrepreneurial economy?
  • How can countries create an innovation corridor?
  • What makes for effective leadership? How do companies manage for long-term innovation?
  • What is the “state of the venture capital industry” in California and abroad?

Stay tuned for further information about speakers.

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