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List of speakers from previous Symposia

  • Tony Bastian, Development Manager for Engineering Data Retrieval Systems The Boeing Company
  • Ray Bingham, Executive Chairman Cadence Design Systems
  • Coit Blacker, Director Stanford Institute for International Studies
  • Alistair Brett, Consultant Oxford Innovation
  • Tom Byers, Professor Stanford University
  • Cathleen Campbell, Senior Vice President CDRF
  • Michael J. Copps, Commissioner Federal Communications Commission
  • Kirill Dmitriev, Managing Director Delta Capital Management
  • Arcady Dvorkovich, Head Presidential Council of Experts
  • Esther Dyson, Editor, Release 1.0 CNET Networks
  • Kyril Faenov, Director of High Performance Computing Windows Server Group Microsoft Corporation
  • Carly Fiorina, CEO Hewlett-Packard
  • Andrey Fursenko, Minister Ministry of Education & Science
  • Sergei Generalov, Chairman Russian Investor Protection Association
  • Robert Grady, Partner Carlyle Venture Partners
  • Drew Guff, Managing Director & Founding Principal Siguler Guff & Company
  • Alexandra Johnson, Managing Director Landbridge Capital
  • Jon Khazam, VP Intel
  • Pavel Khokharyakov, ZAO "Promsvyazcapital", President PSC Capital
  • David Kingham, CEO Oxford Innovation
  • Kirill Korniliev, General Director, Eastern Europe/Asia IBM
  • Charles Kruger, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Stanford University Department of Engineering
  • Katharine Ku, Director Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing
  • Nikolai Kudryavtsev, Rector Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology
  • Pierre Lamond, Partner Sequoia Capital
  • Claude L'Eglise, VP Intel Capital
  • Joseph Lehman, Director, Government Affairs Lockheed Martin
  • Geoffrey Moore,
  • William Perry, Sr. Fellow The Hoover Institution
  • D.J. Peterson, Associate Policy Analyst RAND Corporation
  • Kenneth Rind, Board Member
  • Heidi Roizen, Managing Director Mobius Venture Capital
  • John Schwarz, President & COO Symanetc
  • Bruce Shewmaker, Managing Director MVC Capital
  • George Shultz, Hoover Institution
  • Andrew Somers, President AmCham
  • Helen Teplitskaia, American Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Ratmir Timashev, President, CEO Quest/Aelita
  • Robert Towbin, Managing Director Stephens, Inc.
  • Marie Trexler, Central and East European Managing Director Intel Capital
  • Mary Warlick, Director, Office of Russian Affairs U.S. Department of State
  • David Yakobashvili, Chairman Wimm-Bill-Dann
  • Ben Cole, President & CEO Cole Management, Inc.
  • Victor Alessi, United States Industry Coalition
  • Valery Aliev, Sea Launch Program
  • Alexei Andreev, American Business Association of Russian Expatriates (AmBAR)
  • Olga Dergunova, Microsoft
  • Andrei Fursenko, Ministry of Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation
  • George Atkinson, U.S. Department of State
  • Brook Byers, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
  • Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group
  • Patricia Cloherty, Delta Capital Management
  • Arkadiy Dobkin, EPAM Systems
  • Bill Draper, Draper Richards L.P.
  • Esther Dyson, EDventure Holdings
  • Alexander Galitsky, Galitsky Holdings
  • Marian Hagler, Coudert Brothers LLP
  • John Harper, Cisco Systems
  • Alexandra Johnson, Landbridge Capital LLC
  • Pitch Johnson, Asset Management Company
  • Anatoly Karachinsky, Information Business Systems
  • Leonid Kitainik, Pen&Internet, LLC
  • Sergey Kravchenko, Boeing
  • Alexander Kuleshov, Russian Technologies
  • Sean Maloney, Intel
  • Alexander Mitrovich, Luxoft
  • Sharon Nunes, IBM Corporation
  • Jurij R. Paraszczak, IBM Corporation
  • Robert E. Patterson, Squire Sanders
  • William Perry, Center of International Security and Cooperation
  • Mark Sanor, Ernst & Young
  • Andrew Somers, American Chamber of Commerce in Moscow
  • Donald Valentine, Sequoia Capital Partners, Partner
  • Arkady Volozh, Yandex
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