Piotr Moncarz

Piotr Moncarz is Corporate Vice President and Principal Engineer at Exponent, a Silicon Valley science and technology public corporation. Piotr's work focuses on the energy sector, including power plant development projects and operational risk management in the oil and gas industry. He leads Exponent's Energy Initiative Program with an emphasis on oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and renewable resources. Piotr has conducted energy policy studies relating to natural gas in several Central Asian countries and Bangladesh.

Piotr serves as a consulting professor in the Civil Engineering Department of Stanford University. He is also Chairman of the US-Polish Trade Council of Silicon Valley and serves on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Global Trade Council. Piotr serves on the National Center for Research and Development of Poland by appointment of the Polish Government. He is a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Science and of the Russian Academy of Technological Science.

Piotr holds a PhD in structural engineering from Stanford University, an MS in civil engineering from the University of Colorado, and a degree from the Bridge and Road Construction Vocational School in Poland.


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